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man standing in front of beer brewing equipment

Sneak Peek at Quartzite Brewing Co.

Although Quartzite Brewing Co. hasn’t opened officially, the beer brewers opened up for a book-signing for Chewelah Creative District member author Melanie Rose Huff and illustrator Traci Manley’s new book “Lifelines”. While there, Patrick Sawyer took my husband and I into the back to see the new equipment he, and partner Jake Wilson, purchased last winter to increase brewing capacity. With the new equipment, the owners of Quartzite no longer have to brew daily, but rather once or twice a week, to meet demand. Not only is the brewery a popular hangout in town, but they also supply ales to Chewelah Golf Course and 49 Degrees North Ski Area.

Patrick Sawyer, co-owner of Quartzite Brewing Co. in Chewelah, WA.
Book signing at Quartzite Brewing Co. Author Melanie Rose Huff and Illustrator Traci Manley