Margo Sety talking to the group at the Chewelah Creative District's monthly Gathering

How To Hang An Art Show

Thanks to everyone who came to our Artist & Community Gathering last night! We tried some new things this month, and think they all worked out well.

Our Gatherings were originally intended to be a mixer, a place for artists, makers, creatives and folks that enjoy the work made by these artists to come together and chat about anything, to just get to know each other. That’s how ideas grow and become actions. But the Gatherings had become rather business-like and/or informational, which wasn’t bad, just not quite a mixer.

So last night, we had the wonderful Margo Sety join us to discuss what she’s learned over the years about “How To Hang An Art Show”. She shared tons of helpful info (see below) and shared the ever-important kit that she brings every time she hangs a show.