photo of deer mural in Chewelah

Chewelah's newest mural was painted by Traci Manley in 2022. Located on the Huff Memorial Building at 214 E. Main.

Chewelah Mural Project

Murals have the opportunity to tell the community's story, create a unique experience, and engage the community and visitors alike.

Throughout Chewelah, you'll find many murals rooted in our community, history, and love of where we live. As a Washington Creative District, our murals increase appreciation for the arts and artists in our area and increase the overall attractiveness of the space to our city.

Many of the murals in Chewelah are from before CCD came into existence, but we are continuing the tradition by commissioning local arts to create more artwork throughout Chewelah.

Download our Chewelah Mural Map and set out to explore the artwork and our city.

A Year In Chewelah

This mural, painted by Monika Sowinska, in May 2021, depicts some of the reasons why we all love where we live. Might Quartize Mountain looms in the background as elk wander, and residents and visitors alike enjoy the many outdoor activities that surround us.

Located on East Clay on the side of Washington Federal Bank.


This mural, painted by Traci Manley, in May 2021, pays tribute to one of the most revered and elusive native plants - the huckleberry!

Located on West Main and 395, on the side of the Chewelah Insurance building.

A Place For All Seasons

This mural, painted by Sara Pearson, in May 2021, highlights all of the things we love about Chewelah

Located 302 E Main, on the side of the Senior Center Building

Arts & Culture

The Chewelah Creative District is home to many arts & cultural organizations. 

Live Theater & Performances
Chewelah Center for the Arts 405 N 3rd St E. 

Art Galleries
Trails End Gallery 204 E. Main St.

Spotlight Gallery 214 E Main St.
(Held during 1st Thursday Art Walk)

Mountain Market on Main 508 E Main St.

Historical | Cultural
Walt Goodman Historical Museum 501 N. 3rd Street E.

Old Indian Agency - 309 N. 3rd Street E Chewelah, WA


Old Time Sety's

Sety's Ace Hardware is a staple on Main Street and in the community. The addition of one of the newest murals in Chewelah, painted by Chris Bovey in May 2021, Old Time Sety's brings art and a bit of nostalgia to Main Street!

Located on E Main & 3rd across from Sety's.

Traditional Tribal Gaming

This beautiful mural features tribal gaming and a portrayal of tribal culture and lifeways that remain protected and preserved by the Spokane Tribe. Traditional stick games, horse races, dances and songs, gathering with family and friends are all important to the Spokane Tribal culture and traditions. Learn more about the mural and artists here.

Located in the Mistequa Café at the Chewelah Casino at 2555 Smith Road off of 395


Created by David Govedare and Keith Powell, this beautiful mural has been viewed by pedestrians and drivers since 1999!

Located at 200 E Park St (Hwy 395) on the Century Link Building

Ski 49 North

Ski 49 North, a mural painted by Mike Coffey in 1982, has been welcoming skiers and snowboarders for decades to our local and beloved ski hill, 49° North, just up Flowery Trail.

Located at 103 E Main.

Dream Catcher

Another mural in Chewelah that draws from local tribal traditions, Dream Catcher is a bit of a mystery as artist and date are unknown.

Located between Windermere Realtor and Wuesthoff Excavation, roughly 115 N Park St (Hwy 395).


Painted in October 1997 by Alice Heise, an imaginary row of doors and windows lead our imaginations into spaces unseen!

Located on North 3rd E

 Wine Barrel Room

If you poke around the back of the building at 309 E Main, the outdoor seating area houses this mural, painted by Sherine Roth in 2016. Once an Italian restaurant, this Wine Barrel Room mural suggests you just relax and enjoy a nice bottle of wine.

Located at 309 E Main & 4th St E.

Middle School Students

Painted by Ken Brieter & Art Students in 1986

Located at 102 W Jenkins Ave